Friday, October 19, 2012

That HHS mandate

The important thing to realize is that if the HHS mandate is allowed to stand a precedent will be set that there is nothing to constrain the government from forcing anyone to do anything.

The intent of the Framers was to give American's liberty but how can there be liberty if the government can force people to do what those people believe is immoral?

Back when men were drafted into the Army we didn't make those who thought war was intrinsically immoral fight.  We did so because we realized our country would not be free if the government had the power to coerce people to do whatever the government decided was "good".

The HHS mandate however clearly demands that those that find abortion to be immoral can be required by the government to provide abortion to their employee's and to explain to their employee's how they can get poison that will kill unborn members of the human race.

If being able to force people to be complicit in what they believe to be murder is legal then what is there that the government could force people to do would not be legal?

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