Sunday, October 21, 2012

If you're pro-choice which candidate is more like you?

Mitt Romney supports abortions in cases of rape, incest, and threats to the life of the mother.  His position is shared by roughly 75% of Americans.

Romney does not believe that tax dollars should go to pay for abortions.

President Obama supports abortion for rape, incest, and threat to the life of the mother.

President Obama supports sex selection abortions where the unborn are killed because they're a girl and the parents want a boy.

President Obama supports abortions in the third trimester; when the baby is viable.

President Obama supports abortions for any reason at any time in the pregnancy.

President Obama supports partial birth abortion where a viable fetus is fully delivered except for her head and then her brain is mulched up with a knife and her skull is crushed.

President Obama believes that Catholics should have to offer insurance policies that fund abortion inducing chemicals.

President Obama supports abortion after the 20th week of a pregnancy even though scientific studies have shown that the fetus will suffer severe pain before dying in an abortion

President Obama opposes requiring medical care for a baby that survives a botched abortion attempt and is born alive.

President Obama is not bothered that a Black woman is 3 times more likely to abort her child than a white woman.  He doesn't agree with Jesse Jackson who said that abortion was genocide directed at Black people.

I'm pro-life; I don't think any problem is solved by killing an innocent member of the human species.

But if you're pro-choice odds are your beliefs are far closer to Mitt Romney's than to Barrack Obama's extreme position.

If abortion influences how you vote consider this; unless you are one of the small group of Americans who believe that it's ok to kill the unborn at any time for any reason Romney is the candidate closest to you.

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