Monday, September 15, 2014

You'd think letting them get the A-Bomb would have put Obama on Iran's good side but no...

Obama has been working hard to avoid actually limiting Iran's ability to make nuclear weapons while simultaneously ensuring that the devastating impact of the previous trade embargoes is relaxed.

The Supreme Leader in Iran needed that help. The natives were getting restless because the fanaticism of the "religious" leadership was making life for the average Iranian miserable.  Especially when they saw all the money they were shipping off to various terrorist groups.

And Obama, who for some reason was silent during the crushed Arab Spring moment in Iran, came through for the mullah's.

You'd think that that would buy Obama at least a symbolic agreement from Iran to work together against ISIL a group that wants to kill all Shia Muslims-- and of course the Supreme Leader and Iranians in general are Shia.

But no that's not how it worked out.

I guess appeasement doesn't buy you what it used to; at least Chamberlin got a piece of paper.

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