Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Turning Muslim against Muslim to win the war on terror

If you think that every Muslim is a monster don't bother to read the article. You won't like it.
Da Article


Anonymous said...

Straw man piece. The old "every one of them is evil" nonsense. Ridiculous premise, conclusion.

Anonymous said...

That Islam is not a religion of peace is not surprising, (ok so far...)

...SINCE IT WAS INVENTED BY MOHAMMAD to justify his aggregation of worldly power and wealth, not to mention a 6-year-old bride, through the use of violence and deceit.(ok, so islam IS what big old rapin' Mo says it is, and only that, by your own words. HE invented it. It is what HE says it is, and ONLY that...)

However (uh oh...), when we buy into the lie of radical Muslims that there is but one Islam (you just said there was...), we strengthen the extremists.

Terrible. Just another pathetic, Liberal muslim apologist...