Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is anything Obama does working? Amazingly yes.

Ukraine is being partitioned by Russia because Putin knows Obama is weak--that works for Obama because it keeps unemployment and poverty out of the news.

ISIL is murdering Christians because Obama wouldn't support the moderate Syrian rebels two years ago.

More and more people are losing their health insurance and having to pay much higher rates due to Obamacare.

Real unemployment is staggeringly high due to Obama's economic policies.

Welfare spending is out of control--that's working for Obama because people who think their next meal depends on liberals running Washington is what Obama wants.

Wages are depressed by illegals--that's working for Obama since his big business supporters want cheap labor.

Foreign leaders neither trust nor respect Obama--that's working for Obama since that means he doesn't have to deal with them.

The IRS is an arm of the Democrat party--that's working for Obama.

The VA is a shambles.

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