Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama's speech: What can I do to look tough without doing anything?

A key point of Obama's speech appeared to be telling the world that the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" is not Islamic.  It's one thing to say they are the Westboro Baptists of Christianity--which still slanders the peaceful folks in Westboro-- but Obama instead said ISIL has nothing to do with Islam.

With that out of the way Obama sketched out a plan where unnamed Arab/Muslim countries would do the heavy lifting in crushing ISIL while the US provides weapons and air strikes.

For a man who condemned George Bush's coalition to liberate Iraq Obama seemed awfully reluctant to even name who is in his coalition.

Obama also didn't explain how ISIL went from being the JVs to a world threat under his watch.

Do you remember how Obama and the Democrats condemned Bush when Bush said "Mission Accomplished"?  Yet Obama told us that we'd won the war in Iraq and that everything was so cool we could leave without a trace and Iraq would be fine.  How is that different than what Bush did? Oh yeah it's different because when Bush realized the Iraqies couldn't handle a jump into the deep end of the pool of freedom he kept the US involved while Obama just said sayonara and patted himself on the back.

Arab leaders don't trust Obama and rightly so.  Obama promised military action against Syria if the Syrian regime used chemical weapons. Syria then used chemical weapons against civilians and Obama backed down.  We now know that Syria has been using poison gas against its people even after all Syria's chemical weapons were supposedly destroyed and yet Obama says nothing. With that sort of track record who in their right mind would trust Obama?

Yet to build a coalition you need the trust of the coalition members.

Essentially Obama's "strategy" hinges on American credibility that he has destroyed.

For the sake of those being slaughtered by ISIL we can only hope that somehow Obama's weakness and  perceived fondness for radical Islam--he backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt for example and said nothing to support the Arab Spring movement in Iran-- will be overlooked by the countries--which ever ones they may be--that are to be in Obama's grand new coalition.

Clearly the best option at this point is to pray hard for the victims of ISIL because trusting in the self anointed messiah Obama is not a credible option. All things are possible with God; even the US crushing ISIL with Obama at the helm.

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