Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why amnesty?

When someone breaks into your house and demands you serve him the natural response is to throw the churl out. Yet many in America today say we should in fact pay the bills for the illegals who have broken into our house.

We're told that these millions of unskilled workers who can often not even speak English will, somehow, help the country.

If that were so then why not ship them all back home where they can help their own countries?

Even better if American really needs 10 to 30 million people who lack skills--and the fact that liberals believe this may explain why liberals don't care that the public school system is failing miserably in providing our children with useful skills--why not ship out the criminals who are illegally in the US and allow millions of unskilled, but at least honest, foreigners in?

I mean if we really benefit from adding millions of people who are likely to take more than they produce--even though many will pull their own weight--why not at least reward honest people not those who feel free to ignore the law so long as they benefit from it?

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