Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Syria; an Obama victory

The media will portray Syria as a marvelous victory for Obama.  It was Obama's resolute stand that forced Syria to agree with Russia's suggestion of putting chemical weapons under the control of an international body after all.

The media will ignore that no one who listened to Obama's red line and then red line what red line or to Kerry's sabre rattling will think that Obama was in fact resolute about anything other than avoiding taking a political blood bath in the USA.

The media will ignore that no international organization can prevent Syria from using the "controlled" chemical weapons unless they move the chemical weapons out of Syria.  And just what country is going to be willing to host Syria's chemical weapons?

The media will ignore that a lot of nerve gas goes a long way so how can anyone know if the Syrians have turned it all over?  It only takes thousandths of a gram of Sarin to kill someone so even if the Syrians can only hide a thousand pounds, a fraction of the weight of an SUV which range from 2000 to 8000+ pounds, they'd still have enough to kill a lot of civilians.  After the US liberated Iraq we found, because the wind blew the sand away, a number of huge fighter jets that we had no idea were there. Given that any international organization will have far less access to Syrian information than the US did it's kinda silly to believe that the Syrians can't keep some nerve gas around for a rainy day.

Low information voters will think that Obama "won" the day just as low information voters--who were pretty much everyone back in the day of the major media monopoly--back in the day thought that JFK won Cuba because they didn't know that JFK agreed to not liberate Cuba and agreed to withdraw US missiles from Turkey.

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