Monday, March 4, 2013

Why do liberals always lie?

I see some heated charges by conservatives but I rarely see out and out lies, other than from the lunatic fringe. But pretty much every post I see by a liberal on Facebook is factually incorrect.

I remember being told that the dastardly conservatives were going to cut the Center for Disease Controls budget by $110B.  But then I found out that the CDC budget is only $12B each year.

I see the Republicans being blamed for the sequester even though Bob Woodward says that the sequester is Obama's idea and it's a matter of public record that Obama signed the law containing the sequester.

I see Republicans being blamed for cutting troop benefits even though they've done no such thing.

I guess the real truth is that modern liberals are motivated by the will for power and they don't really care too much how they acquire power.

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