Friday, March 15, 2013

In the end He wins

Sometimes it pays to remember that the truly good are not rewarded in this world so much as in the next.

Liberals, atheists, hedonists proclaim how happy they are but in truth they're not.  Once their looks go the hedonistic lifestyle becomes impossible. But even before then they realize how empty life is if it's just about things.

No amount of gadgets can bring anyone the happiness a child can yet liberals view children, in Obama's words, as burdens not blessings.

Sometimes it can be depressing to see how much the world condemns what is good but as He said if the world hated Him it will hate all who follow Him.

But the war's over, the battles won.  We need to run our race as Paul said to see which side we chose but we know that if we don't chose His we're going to lose and if we do chose His we will win.

While He died for us He also wants us to participate in our own salvation. We can never merit salvation just as a child never merits their allowance but He can, and has, told us we must do things in order to be saved just like a child needs to do chores to get their allowance.

So long as we cling to Him and do as He has requested we should be secure in the knowledge that we will eventually be with Him forever.

Helps make the insanely minor problems of this world look more benign.

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