Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another liberal lie

A liberal who has constantly been telling me there is no voter fraud, amazingly enough he grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and must be the only Chicagoan who thinks the elections are fair, sent me a link to an article, on a liberal blog, which shouted that two Republicans had plead guilty to voter fraud.  He then claimed that there must be voter fraud but only by Republicans.

What makes this emblematic of liberals lying is that if you go to the original article cited, only as a link, by the article on the liberal website you find out what really happened.

First the folks who committed voter fraud worked for a company hired by Republicans. But you also find out that when the Republicans found out the company was breaking the law the Republicans fired them. That alone destroys the basis for both the article and the liberals ranting and makes both lies.

To add insult to injury however it turns out that when the Republicans found out about the crimes not only did they fire the company the Republicans filed a voter fraud complaint against them.

Now the liberal who sent me the link was just being stupid by trusting an obviously biased source. But that liberal web site knew that this story wasn't about Republican vote fraud but they reported that it was; now that's a lie.

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Goldenrush Apple said...

*sigh* liberals, no matter where they grew up, seem to practice the same "New" logic. I'm not sure if they're just excited to see Republicans in the heat which renders their thinking capabilities near useless, or they're just really not that bright (although they'll claim that they are).

As a Chicagoan, a conservative in almost every sense of the word, the stuff I hear on a daily basis would make your eyes roll right out of their socket.