Friday, March 29, 2013

He died for you!

If you or I had been the only people to ever sin Jesus Christ would have died on the Cross for either one of us.

God loves each of us as the individuals we are; like a perfect parent God loves all of His children even as He is saddened that we don't always love our siblings.

It doesn't matter what you've done or what you believe God loves you.  That doesn't mean He'll force you to go to Heaven, we can all chose to reject God and chose Hell, but it does mean He's rooting for you; that He died a horrible death so that we, in spite of our sins, could spend eternity with Him.

When you look at the Cross ask yourself this who would you be willing to be tortured to death for? Surely not the people who have insulted you spit on you and treated you horribly. Yet Jesus died for all of us who have sinned against Him.

We are all loved. No matter how horrible you think you are Jesus loves you and yearns to help you become better. There is nothing Jesus will not forgive if you repent.

Whenever you're tempted to be depressed remember that the God who created you and the entire universe loves you so much that He died on the Cross just for you. God did not die for humanity but for each and every one of us as individuals.  He knew our names and our sins and yet He still died a horrible death, a death He could have walked away from, because He loves us so much.

Rejoice then that God loves you more than you love yourself. Do yourself a favor and love Him back.

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