Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Liberal First Amendment

Liberals both in and out of the MSM constantly portray themselves as staunch supporters of the right to free speech. To the extent that many of them worship one of their key gods is supposedly the First Amendment.

After all doesn’t the ACLU defend Nazi’s right to march in front of Holocaust survivors, the right of the KKK to advertise on public property, the most extreme forms of exploitative pornography, and any and all attacks on religion?

What better credentials, our liberal friends tell us, can there be to show how much liberals love free speech?

This week however provides two studies in contrasts which help demonstrate how to liberals really view the First Amendment.

In DC liberals are working hard to censor a man who released an anti-Muslim film.  No not Bill Maher whose film Religulous that spends 20 minutes mocking Islam and was seen by hundreds of thousands of people at movie theaters. Bill is one of the good guys in the liberal universe so apparently his attacks on Islam are fine and proper.

Instead the full power of the American government is being brought to bear on some random Coptic Christian who was probably persecuted by Muslims for his entire life in Egypt. Real persecution; the life threatening kind not the faux kind liberals always invoke for themselves. His movie, released on YouTube and seen by hardly anyone before the latest dust up in the Middle East is now public enemy number one.

You see according to the Obama administration Muslims have very very particular sensitivities. They don’t object to Obama killing Muslims with drone strikes or about Obama’s incessant spiking the football about it.  They’re not bothered by Obama’s war in Afghanistan. They won’t be bothered by a big theater blockbuster about how Obama killed Osama. They weren’t bothered by Bill Maher’s movie--presumably because Maher is a big donor to Obama and Obama has told us how much Muslims love Obama. But by George those peace loving Muslims can’t be expected to endure a low budget seen by no one YouTube video.

As a result the full force of the liberal establishment is focused on the cause of all of our problems in the Middle East; free speech in America.

The same stalwart liberals who howled like wolves at the thought that pieces of “art” that attacks Christians shouldn’t be shown in public museums are now fighting among themselves to see who can most harshly condemn a video that attacks Islam. But they are not just trying to condemn the video they are actively seeking to censor it.

To a typical fly over American it’s a bit hard to understand why putting a Crucifix in a, hopefully, sealed vat of the “artists” urine deserves to be displayed in taxpayer funded museums but a video that condemns Islam must be driven out of even the private sector.

The incongruity is even more obvious when you realize that liberals staunchly defend a porn theaters right to show a movie about raping women but would condemn that same theater for showing this anti-Islam movie.

The first internal contradiction in the Liberal First Amendment then is that attacks on Islam, and pretty much any other religion, by liberals are okay and must be promoted with public funds not just tolerated while attacks against Islam by any one else must be censored not only in the public sector but in the private sector.

The second level of internal contradiction in the Liberal First Amendment is that the KKK which advocates public racism should be allowed to speak on government signs but a cross on a city sign is odious.

In Georgia the ACLU is working hard to ensure that the KKK, a rabidly racist organization founded by the same Democrats who came up with the Jim Crow laws in the post Civil War South, can advertise its good work of cleaning up trash along Georgia highways.

The KKK claims to be a Christian group so they are religious. Yet the same ACLU who is constantly eager to knock crosses out of memorials for Christians that happen to be on public lands is eager to ensure that the KKK can declare its “good” works on public signs.

Just recently there was an outcry by the liberals because the town sign for Steubenville Ohio contained a picture of one of the major economic establishments in the town, the University of Steubenville. That evil university happens to be Catholic and as such it has a Cross on the roof of its chapel. That large chapel is a major landmark in Steubenville and as such it got added to the logo.  If the university had been Jewish there would have been a Star of David and if it had been Muslim there would have been a crescent moon or minaret.  Steubenville was trying to bring in business and tourists not proselytize for Jesus.

The city was simply doing what every city does with its logo; show what’s in town.  Yet liberals could not stand the sight of the Cross--has anyone looked to see if liberals avoid garlic; we know they don’t avoid mirrors.

But in the case of the KKK liberals believe that the government must allow the KKK to be featured prominently on public signs even though the KKK’s speech is blatantly racist.

The second internal contradiction then in the Liberal First Amendment is that racism is protected speech but even the tiniest religious symbol must be censored.

In reality in the Liberal First Amendment there is no freedom of speech. Rather there is freedom to say what the liberal elites like and no freedom for speech they don’t like.  

While this is nothing new, the FACE act passed by liberals makes it a crime to politely try and hand a woman entering an abortion clinic a pamphlet, the events of this week provide clear evidence of the truly anti-free speech core of the Liberal First Amendment.

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