Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 and the Blame Game

Because Democrats can never run on their record they constantly try and blame others for their failures.  Sadly because of the willingness of the Main Stream Media(MSM) to play along many Americans blame the wrong people for a variety of current problems.

This is especially evident today when the MSM is trying to blame Bush for 9/11.

9/11 occurred because of the execrable foreign policy of Bill Clinton.

We know that Osama bin Laden thought that America was a paper tiger, unwilling to fight back, based on Clintons running from Somalia after Americans were killed in the infamous Black Hawk down episode.  Just as earlier Democrat presidents had convinced Mao that America would not stand and fight Bill Clinton’s actions convinced Osama that he could attack America without having to worry about retaliation.

After all Clinton had done nothing substantive after the bombing of the USS Cole and Clinton had passed on multiple opportunities to arrest or kill Osama. 

While Clinton was not trying to make America ripe for 9/11 his actions had the effect of giving the go ahead in the mind of Osama.  Also keep in mind that the planning for 9/11 started long before Bush was elected.

Yet today the NYT is trying to lay the blame on George Bush. Why?  Well because Bush is a Republican and Clinton is campaigning for Obama.

There are many other examples of Democrats blaming others for their failures.  Take a look at the current Democrats meme that it is the obstructionist Republicans who are responsible for all of Obama’s broken promises.

For Obama’s first two years in office Democrats had complete control of the Federal government. They controlled the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.  They pushed through Obama’s massive “stimulus” bill and realistically Obama could get pretty much anything he wanted.  Yet even though the steps that Obama then declared to be necessary to “save” the economy were enacted the economy tanked.

A reasonable observer would say that the Democrats were responsible.  Yet liberals and the MSM declare that it is the Republicans who are at fault.

When Bush was president Democrats blocked his judicial appointee's and anything else the could but then Democrats tell us it was necessary to protect the country.  Their obstructionism and their attacks on the war which undercut our troops were declared, by Democrats, to be the essence of patriotism.

Now when Republicans block Democrats from spending more money than we have we’re informed that obstructionism is evil and bad.  That Republicans only care about themselves and not about the country.

As with 9/11 Democrats have tried to blame Republicans for the failure of the policies implemented by Democrats.

The biggest example of this liberal finger pointing is the economic melt down in 2008.  The crisis occurred because too many people had mortgages that they couldn’t afford and that the bad loans had been allowed to grow because the impression was that since the loans were owned by Fannie and Freddie they were safe.

Because Bush was President the Democrats try to blame him for the failure even though he had tried to address the problem by reining in Fannie and Freddie. Should he  have done more? Yes. Were Republicans partly to blame? Yes. But it was the Democrats who blocked the efforts of Republicans to try and address the problem.

Few people know that in 1995 Obama was the lead attorney on a lawsuit that forced CitiBank to lend to people who didn’t really have a chance of being able to afford the resulting loans.  Interestingly in that case the settlement gave more than twice as much money to the lawyers as to the 186 “victims”.

Obama’s case was the beginning of a path that continued with the reinterpretation of the Community Reinvestment Act that saw Bill Clintons administration leaning on banks to make questionable loans in service of supposedly combating racism.

Realistically speaking lending money to people who can’t pay it back, note that a welfare check was advocated by some as proof of income in some cases, will result in a huge loss of money to investors.

That huge loss came home to roost at the end of Bush’s administration. But the loss was due to policies pushed and defended by Democrats.  While it’s true that establishment Republicans scared of being called racists did nothing much to try and fix the problem their crime of inaction is certainly less odious than the Democrats buying votes by getting minorities loans that would eventually go bad and financially destroy the borrowers.

Yet Democrats constantly talk about the evil impacts of Bush’s policies.

They seem to ignore that Bush inherited a recession from Bill Clinton, it started two months after Bush was sworn in, and that 9/11 occurred before Bush had been in office for even a year.

Strangely, if you listen to Democrats, Bush’s evil policies somehow managed to avoid the disaster that is the Obama “recovery” and unemployment was kept below 6% for years. The very policies that the Democrats condemned resulted in more years of prosperity than the supposedly superior policies that Obama  has implemented.

In order to spare America another four years of bungling, broken promises, and “reimaging” it’s important that conservatives take back the issues by making it clear to all that the policies espoused by Democrats, from weak foreign policy to spending money we don’t have to make America prosperous,  are the cause of the problems facing America today.

If voters understand that we’re in the Obama economy which came after the Democrat recession and that the war in Afghanistan is a result of Bill Clinton's foreign policy they’ll be much more likely to vote for candidates who will bring America back to economic well being.

While 1984 has shown up 28 years late it’s not too late to recast the debate in this election season so that voters will go to the polls knowing that good is good and bad is bad not that lies are truth and truth is a lie.

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