Friday, September 7, 2012

By their heroes shall you know them

You can get a good measure of a man by finding out who his heroes are.

A general who admires Patton will tend to behave differently than a general who likes Montgomery.

A politician who thinks Reagan is the greatest will be support different solutions than a politician who adores FDR.

On the first day of the DNC we discovered one of the key heroes of modern Democrats; Ted Kennedy.

The same Ted Kennedy who left Mary Jo Kopechne to die a slow death while he strategized with his lawyers on how to avoid being blamed for the accident that resulted in her death.

The same Ted Kennedy whose drinking and womanizing are legendary.

On the second day of the DNC we all saw a second hero of the Democrats; it’s Bill Clinton.

The same Bill Clinton who cheated on his wife multiple times over many years.

The same Bill Clinton who had affairs with subordinates; behavior that would cause immediate firing at any major corporation.

The same Bill Clinton who lied under oath in order to avoid admitting that he regularly sexually harassed subordinates.

It would seem that the two of the biggest hero’s of modern Democrats are both distinctly unfriendly to women.  In fact any Republican who did any of the things that these Democrat “heroes” did would be pilloried for his vicious misogynistic nature.

But does the Democrat love of these sexual predators bleed through into Democrat policy?

We hear little about supporting stay at home mom’s or equal pay for equal work at the DNC. Instead the Democrats have been showing their “pro-woman” credentials at the DNC by touting their support for contraception and abortion.

But who are one of the major beneficiaries of contraception and abortion? The answer of course is men who wish to sexually exploit women without having to be concerned about any consequences.  Men like Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. 

The Republican party banned Todd Akin from the RNC because he misspoke and unintentionally offended women.  The party said that even though Akin profusely apologized he was tainted as being anti-woman and they didn’t want him around.

The Democrats pushed their vice presidential candidate aside to bring back Bill Clinton; a man who admitted to lying under oath in order to cover up his sexual exploitation of subordinates.  And Bill hasn’t apologized for his consistent humiliation of his wife or for his sexual harassment of subordinates.

If there is a war on women in America today it’s being waged by the type of men that the Democrat party views as their heroes not by the Republican party.

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