Thursday, September 6, 2012

God, Jerusalem, Voter Suppression, and Phoning it in

President Obama and the Democrat leadership were shocked to discover that Americans reacted negatively to the Democrat platform rejecting God and rejecting Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

In front of the whole world they tried to use the democratic process to amend the suddenly no longer suitable for prime time document.  And not once, not twice, but three times they failed.

According to CNN, that font of reactionary conservatism, the video clearly shows that the majority of the delegates to the Democratic convention opposed putting God back into their platform and declaring Jerusalem to be the capitol of Israel.

What did the Democrat leadership do? Well they did what they always do when democracy “fails”, i.e. doesn’t support the Democrat position, they rigged the vote.  

Mayor Villaraigosa, who presumably agrees with his parties attacks on Republican “voter suppression, simply declared that he had heard enough pro-voices, presumably dead Democrats coming back, to declare that the motion had a two thirds majority.

In front of the American people the Democrats disenfranchised their own people by manufacturing votes that weren’t there.

If the Democrats are willing to fake votes to crush the will of their own delegates why should anyone believe that they are not willing to cheat in the presidential election?

Having grown up in Chicago--the city whose mayors are so wonderful the dead regularly leave Heaven to come and vote for them--the mantra of the Obama party that illegal voting never happens is reminiscent of the twitching drug user who says he’s clean.

In some sense the Democrats are right. Republicans are trying to suppress the votes of non-citizens, the dead, and family pets.  Apparently Democrats believe that anyone who can make it to the voting place--even if only in spirit--should be allowed to vote.

Republicans also oppose some individuals voting multiple times.  Democrats have no difficulty with that practice, so long as only they practice it. Democrats get the concept of voting more than once from watching American Idol where voting early and voting often is a virtue not a vice.

Next time some Democrat whines about “voter suppression” and says that there is no evidence of election fraud in America pull out your smart phone and show him his own convention.

Because Democrats realize they have a major optics problem in that their delegates clearly want God shoved out of their platform and Jerusalem turned over to the Muslim Brotherhood they’ve spun the issue as the Good President Obama riding in to save the day.

The Democrats are saying, in effect, “Sure our delegates are a bunch of God hating anti-Semite neanderthals but President Obama saw their error from his mountain top and stepped in to correct his people.”

The problem with that is that Obama reviewed and agreed to the platform.  Or did he?

A key criticism of Obama, mentioned by both his supporters and his detractors, is that he seems more enthused with the trappings of power than the nitty gritty day to day work needed to govern America.

When an actor just says his lines but really doesn’t act he’s said to be “phoning it in”.  Many have accused Obama of “phoning it in” when it comes to running the country.

Democrats would now have us believe that Obama was unaware of the wording of his own parties platform.  While it’s true a presidential candidate does not have to agree with everything in his parties platform, Romney for example supports abortion in the case of rape, he should know what’s in it.

But if Obama knew that he didn’t support the platform he could have done what Romney did; simply acknowledge his differences with the platform and move forward.

Instead Obama, according to the most recent Democrat spin, was shocked to discover this oversight and moved quickly to correct the egregious error.

That leaves us with a problem. Either Obama “phoned in” reviewing his own party platform and needed the conservative media to point out the problems in it to him or the Democrats are lying about Obama having always wanted God and Jerusalem to be in the platform.

Either way this whole affair has two clear messages:

1) Democrats only believe in democracy if they win and they have no problem manufacturing votes to make sure that they should believe in democracy.

2) President Obama either doesn’t care enough to read his own parties platform or he is lying to us about his true position on both God and Jerusalem.

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