Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The New Nazi's

Most Americans who describe themselves as "pro-choice" only believe that abortions should be legal in the hard cases like rape and incest or when the mother's life is at stake and only then in the first trimester.

Those people, who often say they'd never choose abortion themselves, are not the new Nazis.

The new Nazi's are the hard core pro-aborts who support abortion for any reason--including killing unborn women because a man is wanted-- at any point in the pregnancy--long after the baby is viable.

Even after seeing that Planned Parenthood denies medical care to babies born alive due to a "botched" abortion these monsters--for there is really no other term for people who can be comfortable with denying medical care to a newly born baby-- say abortion shouldn't be restricted in any way.

The new Nazi's defense of denying medical care to a girl who survives an abortion attempt is that the decision should be up to the doctor and the mother.  By that reasoning if a hit man fails to get a kill shot and only wounds his target we should count on the hit man and the man who hired him to ensure that the former victim gets medical care.  If a viable born baby doesn't have the right to medical care even if her abortionist and her mother disagree who does?

These new Nazi's argue that utilizing the body parts of the unborn just makes sense as did the Nazi's who legally murdered Jews for "scientific" reasons and then made lampshades out of their skins.

These new Nazi's are eager to reduce the number of people they consider to be "undesirable", such as people of color, which is why they aren't bothered that roughly 80% of abortion mills are in or near minority neighborhoods. This isn't surprising given that the new Nazi's solution to the problem of the Third World consists mainly of providing contraception and abortion in order to reduce the number of brown babies.

Like the old Nazi's the new Nazi's have their own bizarre pseudo science that justifies their support of mass murder.  The old Nazi's worked hard to convince people that Jews were not really human and the new Nazi's work hard to deny established science that the unborn are fully human.

Both groups like to define who is and isn't a person; that is a human being with rights.  To both groups society has the authority to define that some scientifically human beings are not really human enough to have rights; like the right to life or the right not to be gassed to death.

Of course just as Bruce Jenner's DNA tells the world he's a man the DNA of Jews and the unborn show they are as fully human as any other human being including the new Nazis.

Yet the new Nazis deny the humanity of the unborn right up until they're haggling for a higher price for "human tissue" that magically comes from a "clump of cells".

Part of the problem for the new Nazis is that they view the unborn as a direct threat to their lifestyles.  The new Nazi's want sex without consequences; to them the unborn are just another STD.

And like the old Nazi's the new Nazi's don't believe that any human life that stands in the way of their desires has any value; so in the eyes of the new Nazi's the unborn are "parasites" just like Jews were "parasites" in the eyes of the old Nazi's.

It takes a coldness not seen since the Nazi's and Communists to watch Planned Parenthood's baby chop shops in action and not be revolted.  It's one thing to support a raped 12 year olds right to kill her daughter it's quite another to say it's ok to profit off of baby parts when abortions are the result of the mother wanting a son rather than a daughter.

These monsters need our prayers because in the end to be so cold as to be comfortable with chopping up babies for parts can only lead to despair and suffering.

The good news is that God can convert even these monsters.  Bernard Nathanson, a famous abortionist who championed the legalization of abortion, became a pro-life Catholic and exposed the truth about abortionist tactics.

The Roe in Roe v Wade--Norma McCorvey-- was never a new Nazi, she was just a poor woman exploited by rich white pro-abortion lawyers-- but she's become a staunch pro-life advocate.

In fact there are many stories of abortion mill workers converting after being exposed to the horrors of that trade.

We must pray and we must continue to expose the filthy business of places like Planned Parenthood because very few of even the new Nazi's are really comfortable with that they support. Just as many Germans were appalled when they saw the camps because they could no longer hide from themselves what they supported many of the new Nazi's when forced to stare into the horror they support will recoil and rethink their beliefs.

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