Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kerry; Iranian cheerleader

Kerry has stated that if the Congress rejects Obama's deal to give Iran money, weapons, and the atom bomb the Iranians will be hurt and feel they can't trust the US.

If that's the case whose fault is it?

Well it's Kerry's and Obama's fault.

It's Kerry and Obama who didn't include Congressional leaders in the negotiations thereby ensuring that it would be hard to get Congress to approve any agreement.

Essentially what Kerry is saying is that the Congress should just sit by and let Obama do what he wants otherwise we might upset the wonderful peace loving Mullahs in Iran.

It's clear that there were no negotiations in Switzerland; there were two groups on the same side trying to figure out what they could get past the US Congress.

Kerry honestly doesn't see Iran as a threat otherwise he'd be scared to death to give the largest terrorist sponsor in the world hundreds of billions of dollars in cash today and nuclear weapons in a few years.

Perhaps that's because his son-in-law is an Iranian American with extensive family ties to Iran.

Apparently Obama thought it was great to have the chief US negotiator be someone with close family ties to Iran.

As time goes on and Kerry and Obama talk more it is becoming clear that both view the US and Israel  as the problems and Iran as being misunderstood. Essentially they view Iran the same way they view cop killers; people of color who are the true victims because they are simply reacting against an oppressive system.

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