Sunday, August 2, 2015

Saving America vs managing the decline

The Republican leadership these days seem to have bought into Obama's vision of America; bigger government, less freedom, less economic growth.

Those "leaders" seem more interested in managing the decline of America, for the benefit of their big money donors, than they do in saving America from the abyss of socialism and European malaise.

That's why we have to work hard to make sure that the Republican presidential nominee is not some Democrat lite who thinks government is the solution and thinks that Republicans should work with Democrats even though Democrats refuse to budge an inch on their agenda ever.

The big benefit of Trump, who is really a Democrat, is that he's showing the other Republicans that in order to win you have to act like a winner; shout out the massive failures of the Democrats, explain why you care more about the average Joe than the rich liberals, stand for values--like reducing immigration--that voters like not values that the DC thought bubble endorses.

It doesn't matter if we win elections if the people we elect don't do anything to further the positions on issues that we support.

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