Friday, November 5, 2010

The nanny liberal

When I was in high school back in the 1970's I made a major discovery about liberals. They think they know more than the rest of us and that they have been anointed by evolution to run the lives of us mere mortals.
We can see that now in the aftermath of the recent election. On the most obvious level the liberal superiority complex, and its racist element, can be seen in the passing of a law by the city of San Francisco banning toys with "unhealthy" meals. Who do those stupid parents think they are? Interestingly one of the rationales for this law was the epidemic of child obesity, "...especially in minorities...". I guess liberals think that non-whites are too stupid to decide what their children should eat.
On a less obvious level the liberal world view can be seen by the way they spin the election. It wasn't that Americans didn't like what liberals have done but that Americans just didn't understand how wonderful the liberals have been to us. We didn't vote Democrat because we're too stupid to understand the complex reasoning that supports the liberal agenda. But the president has made it clear that he got the message. He'll spend more time explaining to us why we're wrong.
Out here in la la land--California-- the San Jose Mercury News has an editorial that admonishes Obama for being too upset about the election and then tells him to revive his agenda. I suspect if the Republicans had been as massively repudiated as the Democrats just were the Merc--no they don't take pay to fight wars, they fight for liberalism for free--wouldn't be telling them to keep on keeping on. But being liberal means never having to doubt you're right so good liberals like the Merc know that they just have to continue to fix the sad broken lives those of us who believe in individual liberty, traditional morality, and fiscal responsibility live.

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