Thursday, November 11, 2010

Boycott Amazon!

In case you haven't heard Amazon was selling a how to guide for child molesters. When they were told about it they initially said that to not sell it would be censorship and they said they planned to keep selling it. A huge uproar developed and the book may or may not have been withdrawn--I'm not about to go searching on Amazon for a how to guide to molesting kids. According to the author Amazon is reconsidering if they should sell the book. In any case Amazon hasn't issued any sort of apology or discussion of how it will avoid a similar disaster in the future.

I strongly recommend you tell Amazon that you're going to avoid doing business with them until they come out and say that they will not sell literature that encourages raping children. I went to my Amazon account and sent a message to customer service. You can also find a page on this on Facebook and there is at least one petition out there you can sign online.


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