Saturday, November 27, 2010

Killing Mexicans for Fun

Thousands of Mexicans are dying each year so some Americans can have fun. There would be no narco-war in Mexico if Americans didn’t pay billions of dollars for recreational drugs. Everyone who buys illegal drugs is helping fund the slaughter of innocents in Mexico. It seems to me that that’s a lot worse than advocating deportation of illegal aliens.

Reading about the slow dissolution of the Mexican state in the MSM you’d have no clue that the money that fuels the private armies comes from Americans who buy drugs. Perhaps the silence is due to the liberal predilection for illegal drugs. When Al Franken--a Democrat Senator--can boast about his use of cocaine it’s clear that liberals don’t have a problem with breaking the law to get their drug of choice.

In any case I’ve yet to see any hand wringing by liberals over their complicity in the horror that’s going on in Mexico. It seems their compassion is only for Latinos in the US who may be able to vote for the candidates liberals favor.

To the extent that liberals have addressed the root cause of the Mexican crisis they tend to call for the legalization of drugs--usually just marijuana. The argument goes that if the US legalizes drugs then all drug related crime will go away. Presumably just as all organized crime went away after the repeal of Prohibition.

But even if that liberal meme du jour is valid clearly it’s wrong to buy drugs until they are legalized unless funding narco-terror in Mexico is considered to be ok. What is truly amazing, but sadly unsurprising, is the inconsistency of the liberal position.

While liberals boycott Nike and other companies for exploiting workers overseas they apparently don’t seem to see any problem with doing business with drug dealers. In the liberal world view under paying workers in the third world--even if the workers salaries are higher than what the workers could get from third world companies--is a horrible sin but killing mayors and policemen in Mexico in order to be able to ship drugs to the US is a reasonable business practice.

The liberal position is even more bizarre in that they continually portray themselves as the ones who care. In the lefts universe conservatives are for the financial exploitation of the world but liberals are motivated by universal brotherhood. Except when that interferes with what liberals want to do of course such as using drugs. Another example of that is that the same liberals who condemn the Catholic church for a small percentage of evil priests--as opposed to condemning the priests-- have no problem saying that Roman Polanski should be forgiven for molesting a child.

In fact the attitudes of American liberals on the drug war in Mexico fits the standard liberal playbook to a T. Liberals define culpability based on who the culprit is. It is impossible for a black man to be a racist but every white man is presumed racist. Illegal immigrants are forced to sneak into the US and hence can do no wrong. Blacks can riot when they don’t like a judicial ruling--i.e. the Rodney King case-- but can you imagine if whites had rioted when O.J. got off? In the case of Mexico the problem isn’t the massive funding that drug using liberals provide to the armies of narco terror, it’s the fact that the evil US won’t let any Mexican who wants to to hop onto the American welfare wagon.

Liberals have been the voice of “drugs are ok” in the US since the 1960’s. The root of modern liberalism--which bears little resemblance to classical liberalism-- was the drug culture of the 60’s that celebrated drug use and condemned soldiers. It’s time to call liberals to task for their support of the drug culture. It’s time to stand up for the innocent Mexicans that are killed every day to feed America’s drug habit. Imagine if the MSM and the ruling class talked about drugs the way they do about second hand smoke.

Liberals pull at the heartstrings of people in order to win their votes. Because the liberal position is generally simplistic it can be more easily packaged into a short phrase that can be repeated over and over until people absorb it without thinking. We need to turn the tables on liberals by holding them to task for the selfishness that lies at the heart of modern liberalism. We need to remind everyone that it’s the liberals unrelenting support of drug use that has established the monstrous drug-dealing establishment. If liberals were saying that we should legalize drugs but until then it’s wrong to buy illegal drugs they’d have a leg to stand on. But that’s not their position. How many news reports, movies, or TV shows have been made where using drugs is shown to be just fine and the cops are the bad guys?

Most Americans are saddened and worried about the mess in Mexico. They feel sorry for the many victims down there and they are worried about the violence spreading into America. Reminding the majority of Americans that it’s the liberals who, through their unending support of drug use, bear a significant responsibility for the drug wars will be yet another nail in the coffin of the chameleon that is modern liberalism.


Snow angel said...
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Snow angel said...

Your information is so far frond reality it's funny , but I have heard about disinformation bloggers like you. I just want you to know that America will not be tolerating your racism towards whites and bending of reality forever ;)

trinko said...

uh are you saying that all liberals are white?