Saturday, February 11, 2017

The First American Coup

I never imagined that America would be the victim of a coup by a small group of powerful people but today just such a coup has taken a major step forward.

Unlike most of the world the coup is not being executed by the military because the American military is populated with people who are both honorable and fans of democracy.

This first ever American coup is being orchestrated by rich white lawyers who believe they have the right to dictate every aspect of American life.

While it’s true that the judiciary has a long history of tyrannically imposing edicts on the people, ranging from the coddling of criminals and the legalization of pornography to abortion and gay marriage, they have not previously taken control of American foreign policy.

Liberals support this coup because they know that the liberal judges are their people; rich mostly white elitists who eschew donating their own money to charity or risking their own lives to protect freedom. 

Liberals know that what they can’t win at the ballot box they can win in the courtroom since judges have now abandoned even a semblance of honor.  The 9th Circuit has just declared that they have the right not to interpret the law but to decide if the law is good and if they find it wanting they have the right to declare it null and void.

The judges have decided that now is the time to declare that they control every aspect of American life no matter what the law or the Constitution says. In fact they’ve even redefined what it means to be an American.

The 9th Circuit Court has extended due process protection to every person on the planet. That means that every one in the world has the same legal protections as American citizens but none of the legal, ethical, or financial responsibilities of citizens.

Technically then before our forces kill any ISIS terrorist in a fire fight overseas they would have to ensure that he had a fair trial.  While the judges probably don’t support that that’s what their ruling says for due process rights are not something that are applied on a case by case basis.

If this latest attack by the traitorous left who refuse to accept the results of the democratic process succeeds the liberal’s coup will go into overdrive.

If it’s possible to stop the president from making national security decisions consistent with clear laws passed by Congress there will be little if anything that courts do not feel empowered to do.

Everything Trump was elected to do will be stopped by 9 judges. One local rube in a radical state, three justices on the 9th Circuit Court, and 4 liberals and the “centrist” on the Supreme Court only need to agree and the votes of the Americans who elected Trump and a Republican Congress will mean nothing.

Just as the votes of 55,000,000 Americans against redefining marriage were overturned by 5 rich white lawyers on the Supreme Court the Republican control of government will be negated by rich unelected mostly white liberal judges whose loyalty is to their tribe not to the Constitution.

Alan Dershowitz, a liberal icon, said that the original ruling against Trump’s EO was overbroad but he commended Trump for appealing rather than ignoring the ruling.

But the 9th Circuits ruling changed the stakes.  By continuing the rogue judges coup the 9th Circuit has declared that the three branches of government are not co-equal but that the President and Congress can only do what the judiciary feels is right.  This is identical to the government in Iran where the democratically elected officials are held on a tight leash by the mad mullahs who actually run the country. 

Liberals want America to be like Iran; a thin veneer of democracy to make things look legitimate covering a despotic tyranny where the elites ensure complete control over the people.

It’s time for Congress and the President to begin impeachment proceedings against the rogue judge and the 9th Circuit court judges. Either that or admit the coup has succeeded and allow every aspect of life in America to be decided by rich white lawyers.

The other option is for Congress and the Executive branch to exercise their co-equal rights and refuse to submit to judicial tyranny. That might upset people like Dershowitz who believe that many judges are not lawless traitors but that’s a small price to pay for our freedom.

An America where only a Democrat election win matters will not be the land of the free.

The Constitution assumed that judges would be somewhat honest and respect their oaths of office. Now that assumption is invalid it will be necessary for the two branches of government that actually represent the people and not the liberal elites to exercise their power.

Obama threatened the Supreme Court about the dire consequences of them not imperially decreeing that ObamaCare was legal and the Court responded to that pressure.  Now’s the time to make it clear that impeachment, or say defunding the judicial branch, is on the table.

Liberals condemn President Jackson’s refusal to bow to the Supreme Court but the reality is the Founders never intended the Supreme Court to be the ultimate ruler of this country.  That was something the judges declared and which is not in the Constitution. So long as judges strove to be impartial arbiters that self declared judicial authority was not a problem. Now that judges are openly declaring that they are not impartial judges claim to ultimate authority must be confronted and denied.

Our country is founded on the belief that power flows from the people not from being appointed to a judgeship.  But if judges don’t feel that their responsibility is to interpret the law but to compel America to do what the judges feel is right power will belong solely to the liberal elites and the American people will lose their freedom.

It’s time to confront the liberal coup, educate your friends about the judicial tyranny, and either take drastic steps to reign in judges or accept serfdom for ourselves and our children.
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