Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The face of evil

For the first time in America I saw the face of evil.  It wasn’t some neo-Nazi or even a communist.  It was a tiny middle school teacher who looked into the eyes of America and said she had the right to assault anyone she disagrees with and who believed that only speech she likes should be allowed.

Given that the vast majority of Americans probably disagree with Ms. Felarca on a wide spectrum of things, not the least of which is the suitability of using violence to shut down speech one doesn’t like, she was effectively threatening nearly everyone with violence if they dare speak thoughts she personally doesn’t approve of.

Generally when the new fascists, formally know as liberals, speak they cloak their tyrannical desires in a pastiche of liberal phraseology.  Democrat Congressman Swallwel when pressed kept saying that abortion was legal but wouldn’t say that science is right when it declares the unborn to be human beings. That is he wouldn’t admit that he does in fact support the killing of innocent human beings.  He desperately tried to avoid announcing that he truly supports mass murder.

But Ms Felarca had no difficulty gleefully proclaiming how wonderful it was that violence and the destruction of innocent people’s property had stopped a voice she didn’t like from being heard.

She also had no problem proclaiming that Milo was advocating genocide. Oddly such slanders, Milo may be wrong on many things but he’s never ever called for genocide, against an openly gay man are apparently acceptable to liberals so long as the gay man has wandered off the gay plantation where all right thinking gays must live lest they risk the ire of the liberal herd.

The new Brown Shirts, of which Ms Felarca is a shining example, believe that when they can’t win elections or find judges to make up laws they have every right to brutally attack people who don’t share their beliefs.  Even people who belong to the very groups Ms. Felarca says she wishes to protect.

Ms Felarca assaulted a neo-Nazi in a protest in June 2016 yet was allowed to return to teaching middle school children.  Could you imagine if some Trump supporting teacher had assaulted a Black Lives Matter activist that he’d be allowed to return to teaching young children?

Now I find Nazi’s of any stripe to be repugnant, though no more so than the equally tyrannical and mass murdering communists, but I don’t believe I have the right to assault them.  In that I agree with the ACLU that believes Nazi’s have 1st Amendment rights as attested to by the ACLU’s history of helping Nazi’s march in Jewish neighborhoods—something I don’t agree with; let them march elsewhere in public.

But Ms Felarca makes it clear that she has been anointed by someone, probably not God, as having the authority to decide what speech is acceptable and what isn’t.  I don’t know her but I’d be surprised if she would have any sympathy for an “alt right” person who attacked porn stars because he thought their speech was offensive.

Not all liberals are fascists and some have even condemned Ms. Felarca in the past. She is a key member of By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) a group that appears to be modeled, knowingly or not, on Hitler’s Brown shirts.  Back in December 2014 Ms. Felarca was inciting violence and being condemned for it by at least one liberal Berkley resident who wrote:

Remember that BAMN does not believe in free speech or in open public discussion of the issues. They have a history of shouting down anyone who disagrees with them and of shutting down discussion by chanting slogans.

Remember that BAMN is willing to lie to manipulate people into potentially violent situations, as they lied about Mayor Bates being responsible for police behavior to try to disrupt the council meeting.

Remember that BAMN can attract something like 1,000 people to meetings or demonstrations through its Facebook page, many of them naive, idealistic students who know so little about city government that they believed that Mayor Bates should resign because he caused the “police riot.”

Remember that BAMN believes in violence. Martin Luther King said “Riots are the voice of the unheard” at a time when riots were happening spontaneously across the country, and he was trying to explain those riots while he himself was promoting non-violence. BAMN quotes “Riots are the voice of the unheard” to justify the promotion of violence.

Remember that BAMN does not care if innocent people are hurt because of its tactics. It pursues its goals by any means necessary.

I’m glad the author had the courage to write this back in 2014. Sadly the media today in it’s rush to defeat democracy in America and prevent President Trump from doing what the people elected him to do seems to be taking a much more benign view of Ms. Felarca’s fascists.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s liberals actually supported mostly good things. The errors in their policies were based more on poor reasoning than fascist totalitarianism; perhaps because back then most major Democrat political figures had actually fought fascism in WWII.  Sadly the Democrats, like modern liberal’s role model Stalin, purged all the voices of reason and actual morality from the party.  People who advocated a welfare system but a strong foreign policy or who actually were bothered that welfare was hurting Blacks more than it helped them were systematically denounced.

Today’s liberals are far more fascist than liberal in the classical sense.  Could anyone imagine Democrats in 1980 calling for a military coup against Ronald Reagan?  Yet today it’s not uncommon for the same liberals who told us that President Clinton lying under oath to avoid being sued for sexual harassment was no grounds for impeachment to talk of impeaching a man who has not yet done anything; much less anything impeachable.

The fascism at the core of the modern Democrat party and the people still called liberal is clear when one realizes that they are trying to overthrow the results of an election they lost.

Like Stalin they believe that what is theirs is theirs and what is yours is open to negotiation.

We need to lay the groundwork for the next election and to counter act the all out media attack on Trump. We can do so by making sure that the low information voters, which constitute the majority of those who voted for Hillary, realize that the Democrats are nothing like they portray themselves to be.  As one Trump voter said “If I’d have believed what the media said about Hillary I’d have voted for her”.

By pointing out that Ms. Felarca is representative of much of the modern Democrat party’s policies, but not of the Democrats propaganda, we’ll get more people to vote for sane candidates and further enable President Trump to restore America.

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