Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Liberal leader is just liar mispelled

Harry Reid admits to lying about Romney's taxes and says it's ok since Obama won.

Obama lied about us being able to keep our insurance and our doctors.

Pro-Aborts lie about the fact the unborn are human beings.

Liberals lie about the unemployment rate; knowing that it's low only because so many have given up hope of finding a job.

Liberals lie about hands up don't shoot.

Liberals lie about rape on college campuses.

Liberals lie about caring about Blacks; with abortion the #1 cause of death of Blacks Obama says God bless Planned Parenthood.

Liberals lie about Global Climate Change; the earth's temperature hasn't gone up in 18 years even though CO2 levels are steadily increasing.

Obama, Clinton, and Rice lied about a spontaneous riot against an American movie being the reason our ambassador to Libya was butchered.

Liberals lie about Trayvon Martin.

Liberals lie about the gay lifestyle; if the truth were out no one would support it.

Liberals lie about supporting free speech; they only support free speech for themselves

Liberals have to lie. If they told the truth no one would support them. Only by lying can they manage to get elected.

Note that many folks who vote liberal or who espouse liberal views are merely ignorant or guilty of trusting the lying liberal leaders. The average Joe or Jane liberal you'll meet at work or church often just believe the lies told by the liberal leaders like Obama or the MSM.

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