Saturday, April 11, 2015

Iran; the real deal

The reality is that of this moment there is no deal.

No matter what Obama would like you to believe a framework for a deal is not a deal. If you doubt that ask yourself how many people move into a house that doesn't have solid walls only a framework.

That there is no deal means, as Jonah Goldberg has pointed out, that what Obama is exulting over is the fact that negotiations failed and he needs another extension.

That there is no deal is a good thing because it's clear that Obama wants Iran to go nuclear, as he backhandedly admitted in his NPR interview.  If you are dubious about that then why is Obama letting Iran keep a centrifuge facility buried under a mountain?  Generally speaking a disarmament treaty involves getting rid of military facilities but Obama seems to have found a new way. When you sign an arms limitation treaty with Obama you keep all your arms but you pinky swear to never ever use them in a bad way.

The question of course is why is Obama the only non-Iranian in the world who is not terrified by the thought of the mad mullahs who run Iran getting the Bomb?

Non-Iran Muslims are terrified. Even the ultra conservative Saudi's are planning to get their own Bomb if Iran is let free to develop "peaceful" nuclear weapons.  If the Saudi's are afraid of Iran and the Saudi's run Mecca can you imagine how the Israeli's must feel?

But Obama is serene. Why?

There are several answers including:

1) Obama may not be Muslim but he is very very much more sympathetic to Islam than to Christianity or Judaism so the idea of a powerful Iran running the the Middle East raises no hackles.

2) Obama is all about personal power and foreign policy is just a distraction from persecuting Christians who actually believe in their faith, routing taxpayer dollars to his rich cronies, and bringing in lots of foreigners to keep Black unemployment high and wages low.

3) Obama likes the idea of being the big cheese so if he can make Iran the top dog in the Middle East over the objections of every sane person it will boost his ego.

4) Obama is a narcissist who thinks that no one can't like him.  Therefore Iran would never ever use the Bomb against Obama's interests so what's to worry about?

Sadly they are all probably true.

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