Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Liberals on the family:

According to liberals the family exists for the happiness of the adults; if the parents aren't happy they can split no matter what the consequences to the children.

According to liberals divorce can be traumatic for children--libs endorse putting those traumatized kids in counseling--but that's an acceptable price to pay for the parents happiness.

According to liberals even though the nuclear family--father mother and kids--has been around since the dawn of mankind it really serves no purpose; society is fine without it.

According to liberals one parent is fine for raising kids even though every study that has ever been conducted shows that children raised in single parent families are much more likely to be poor and unhappy.

According to liberals it's ok to abort their children because they would be inconvenient; that won't have any impact on the children they choose not to abort.

According to liberals it's society that raises kids not parents; that's why the inner city kids with one parent turn out so well after attending public schools.

It's clear that when liberals think of families they think of the adults not the children.

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