Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Liberals on the economy

According to liberals when the government takes money from people who earn it the Government is growing the economy.

According to liberals no matter how little people get for their efforts they will work just as hard and create just as much wealth unless they are minimum skill people who must be paid more in order to work.

According to liberals it's greedy to want to keep the money you earn but it's not greedy to want to take other peoples hard earned money so you can spend it the way want--Thomas Sowell

According to liberals it doesn't matter how many people are on welfare.

According to liberals spending money to prop up an industry that couldn't survive on it's own is a good use of money.

According to liberals people who give up looking for work but who could work are not unemployed.

According to liberals under a Republican President temporary 5% unemployment is a disgrace but under a Democrat President years long 7% unemployment is a sign of compassion.

According to liberals when the number of poor decrease it just means we're not doing enough but when the number of poor increase under a Democrat President it means nothing.

According to liberals government regulations have no impact on productivity.

According to liberals government can "manage" the economy better than the people doing all the work.

According to liberals crony capitalism is great for Democrats but evil for Republicans--well at least they're half right on this one.

According to liberals it's bad if the rich get richer even if the poor get richer too but not as much.

According to liberals it's ok for government to get more and more of everything but bad for people who actually generate wealth to get more and more.

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