Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Democrat war on women

A new study indicates that using oral contraceptives increase women's chance of getting MS by up to 30%.

You're not going to hear about this in the liberal leaning media nor will Democrat politicians complain about it for the simple reason that in the view of Democrats women should be sex objects who can also earn money.

Liberal men don't want to have to commit to a woman and they really don't like kids all that much.  As a result even though the UN has determined that the pill is a major carcinogen--which few people realize because the liberal Democrat leaning media never mention it-- and now we know that the pill can increase women's risk of getting MS liberals do nothing to either spread the news or reduce the huge risk to women's health.

Also keep in mind that Democrats support sex selection abortions which are almost always targeted at unborn women.

There is a war on women in America today, a war waged by Democrats to ensure that women can be used as sex objects no matter what the cost is to women's health.  Democrats don't care about the deleterious side effects of the pill or that fact that women are targeted in sex selection abortions.  Essentially Democrats are comfortable killing unborn women because they are women and adversely impacting the health of women just so women can be used as sex objects.

Amazingly the Democrats condemn Republicans for Republican's unwillingness to make lower income Black taxpayers subsidize rich white women's contraception even though those contraceptives hurt women.

Democrats are supportive of women so long as women are like men--in the work force making money--but they could care less about women who want to be women--having babies and raising children.  Sure women have what it takes to be great workers but they also have what it takes to be great mothers and most women at some point want to be a mother. Yet Democrats condemn women for raising their children--unless of course the women turns her kids over to strangers and works an80 hour week--while declaring that Democrats are the supporters of women.

Next time a liberal yaps about the Republican war on women ask him if he supports sex selection abortion. Then ask him if he thinks women should take the pill even though it is a carcinogen and it raises the risk of women getting MS.

If he supports either of those things point out that he, not Republicans, is the one waging a war on women.

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