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Democrats unending war on Blacks

Democrats talk a lot about the fictitious war on women—while supporting sex selection abortion— but the real war in America has been going on for nearly 150 years; Democrat’s war on Blacks.

After the Civil war Democrats passed laws to oppress Blacks, Democrats made Blacks sit in the back of the bus, Democrats founded the KKK, and Democrats, like George Wallace and Orval Faubus,  fought to keep schools segregated.

It was no accident that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican; after all from Lincoln on it was Republicans who fought for the civil rights of Blacks and Democrats who fought for segregation.

When solid Republican support for the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the clear trend away from popular support for public discrimination against Blacks made racism uncool Democrats had to find some other way to keep Blacks “in their place” and simultaneously get Blacks to vote for their oppressors.

The Democrats war on Blacks has 4 main aspects:

·      Keep Blacks in poverty
·      Keep the number of Blacks low
·      Keep Blacks poorly educated
·      Persecuting Blacks who don’t support Democrats

Keeping Blacks in poverty:

LBJ, a staunch racist, came up with the “Great Society” in order to buy Black votes saying
“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years”

While it may be that some Democrats actually thought that incentivizing Blacks to have babies and not get married—welfare benefits grew if a woman was single and with the number of children—was a good way to help Blacks but by the 1970’s it was clear that the “Great Society” was destroying Black families and creating multi-generational poverty.

The best way to keep a child out of poverty is to ensure that her parents get and stay married.  Children raised by a single parent are 5.5 times more likely to be raised in poverty than children raised by married parents. Clearly a program that helped out of wedlock births for Blacks go from 24% in 1965 to 72% today is clearly not going to help Blacks escape poverty.

But even though it was clear that the “Great Society” was hurting Blacks Democrats made no move to modify it; perhaps because Democrats were only concerned about getting Black votes not about helping Blacks.

In fact only Bill Clintons desire to be reelected allowed Republicans to reform welfare in the 1990’s which lead to a dip in the out of wedlock births in the Black community.

But welfare isn’t the only weapon Democrats use to keep Blacks poor.

Democrats push for a higher minimum wage is a
slap in the face of low skilled—due to the Democrats lack of concern about the failure of inner city schools— Blacks since it will increase the already astronomical Black youth unemployment rates.

Similarly Democrats pushing for legalizing illegal aliens—sadly assisted by some Republicans—don’t seem to care about the
impact on Black employment of suddenly having millions of low skill workers competing with Blacks. Could it be that having Blacks on the plantation…err dependent on the government for survival helps Democrats win elections?

Keeping Blacks a minority:

Today the leading cause of death for Black Americans is abortion.  Yet Democrats constantly honor Planned Parenthood whose founder was a virulent racist and which has been caught on tape accepting donations targeted at aborting Black babies.

Before the White elite Democrats forced him to change his tune Jesse Jackson was pro-life saying

Abortion is genocide.

A not surprising remark given that Black women are 3
times as likely to abort their children than White women and that 79% of Planned Parenthood abortion mills are in minority neighborhoods; where those considered to be unworthy of reproducing according to Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, live.

If Democrats really cared about Blacks they’d share Republicans concern about this horrible racial inequality; after all Democrats are incensed about a supposed wage gap between men and women so why aren’t they concerned that Blacks are 3 times more likely to be killed before they have a chance to be born than Whites?

Keeping Blacks poorly educated:

Democrat run cities like Chicago have horrible inner city schools and the gap between White and Black test scores is widening.  Yet Democrats do nothing other than demand higher pay for unionized teachers—probably because the teachers unions give huge amounts of money to Democrat candidates.  Given that the average salary—not counting benefits—of a Chicago public school teacher is $76,000 one would expect that Black students should be getting a good education if money was the real problem.

Many Black parents make huge sacrifices to send their children to private schools where the kids stand a chance of getting a decent education.  Conservatives have pushed school voucher programs so more Black children can get the education they deserve but Democrats fight choice at every turn.

President Obama has worked tirelessly to end school vouchers for poor Blacks in D.C..  Eric Holder tried to end a voucher program in Louisiana, even though >85% of the students benefiting from the program are Black.  Holder went so far as to attempt to get the court to refuse to listen to the arguments of Black parents whose children benefited from the program.

Now in New York we see Democrat de Blasio starting to try and eliminate charter schools even though those schools serve a
disproportionate percentage, 1.6 times higher in charter schools than in NY public schools, of Blacks and have a record of giving those at risk children a good education.

If Democrats really cared about Blacks the inner city schools would not continue to fail Black students as they have done for generations.  Maybe Democrats wouldn’t support competition that would force the public schools to care but they would support something other than giving pay raises to employee’s who have failed decades of Black students.

But keeping Blacks uneducated makes them more likely to vote Democratic so for Democrats the failed schools are a win win proposition.

Persecuting Blacks who aren’t house n*ggers

Any Black man who does not toe the Democrat party line is open to vicious attacks while any criticism of Obama’s policies is immediately labeled as racist.

Can you imagine the response if a conservative said that Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall was “an embarrassment to the Supreme Court” and his “opinions are poorly written."? Yet when Harry Reid said that of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Democrats were silent—even though in the same interview Reid praised Justice Scalia who is a white conservative.

Similarly look at how Democrats attack any conservative Black from Cain to Sowell; their language is little different than that used by Democrats in the 1950’s.

By making Blacks think they’re race traitors if they don’t vote Democrat Democrats ensure that Blacks will vote Democrat even if Democrats do nothing for Blacks.

For over 150 Democrats have waged a war to co-opt, marginalize, and oppress Blacks using violence in the beginning and now soft power.

It’s time that Democrats motives are questioned and Democrats failure to help Blacks be attacked.  Some Black pastors are starting to speak out noting that after generations of voting for Democrats Blacks are still poor but they need the help of all Americans to end America’s longest running war.

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