Friday, January 24, 2014

Liberal Logic 456: Obama decreased the deficit

Another example of the disconnect between liberals and the truth is a meme I recently saw on FaceBook.

It said that every Democrat President in the last 40 years has decreased the deficit.

Now the deficit in Bush's last year was $458B. The lowest Obama deficit was $680B in 2013.  In 2009 the deficit was $1413B and in 2010 it was $1294B.

Apparently liberals are trying to say that Bush is responsible for the huge deficit caused by Obama's nearly trillion dollar "stimulus" package in 2009.  Even if that were true the average deficit in Bush's 8 years in office was $250B and in 4 years of Obama the average deficit was $1276B.

I didn't bother to check on all the other Presidents in the last 40 years but I'd bet that Obama isn't the only example that disproves the liberals meme.

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