Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Liberal logic 203: Republican unemployment is bad Democrat unemployment doesn't matter.

There was a meme on FaceBook saying that under John Kasich Ohio led the country in job loss.  I didn't check those numbers but I did go look at unemployment numbers which reflect the total number of people without work.

Ohio is currently has unemployment at 7.4% and that is an increase from a few months ago.  However California has 8.5% unemployment.

When I pointed this out a liberal said how great California is because of it's "huge" surplus. For the record the surplus is a projected one of $4.7B which is 3% of the yearly budget and a tiny fraction of the $354B in unfunded obligations that California will have to figure out how to pay off.

This is another example of how liberals don't care about reality or about facts but only about being able to win elections by lying about their opponents and counting on the mass media to not fact check liberal lies.

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