Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Liar in Chief; modeling modern liberalism

Obama knew people wouldn't be able to keep their policies but he repeatedly said otherwise.

That lie is going to cause a lot more Americans to suffer than any purported lie Bush told about Iraq. 

Of course while the liberals attacked Bush over and over about that "lie" they ignored the fact that Bush was just repeating what the CIA and the intelligence agencies of Russia, Germany, Britain, and France were saying.

Liberals kept chanting that Bush lied and Americans died. Will they repeat that when Americans die because they can't afford health care insurance due to ObamaCare forcing cost effective policies out of the market? Not to mention the Americans who are going to die because Obamacare's death panels will say they're not worth the expense of the care they need.

It's important to understand that at the core of modern American liberalism is the thirst for power.  Like their cousins, Nazi's and Communists, liberals believe that any means is justified in order to ensure liberal political ascendency.

Obama is not an anomaly. If you surf FaceBook you'll find hundreds of meme's by liberals.  If you research them the best you'll usually find is that they either leave out key data, misrepresent the data, or fail to mention that Democrat politicians do the same thing.  The worst you'll find, which occurs a lot of the time, is that the meme is an outright lie.

Once a liberal said that the Republicans were going to cut the CDC budget by $10B.  It turns out the CDC budget is something like $1B/year which means that if the Republicans shut down the CDC--which they weren't proposing to do--it'd be 10 years before $10B was cut.

Another example is how liberals continually call conservatives racists even though conservatives support school choice--so blacks can get a decent education--, enterprise zones in cities--so blacks can get jobs--, and an end to the number one killer of blacks in America, abortion.  Amazingly liberals are all for abortion--which kills as many as 60% of blacks in places like New York--, opposed to school choice or any other solution to the failed inner city schools--except more pay for the incompetent union teachers--, and refuse to consider enterprise zones or even let non-union companies like Walmart provide good jobs for blacks in the cities.

That's  not unusual.  Many liberals have no compunction lying about even the most serious things so long as it gets them political power--witness Clinton blaming Rush for the Oklahoma City bombing.

It would appear that liberals are students of the famous Nazi propagandist Goebbels who was reported to have said that if you tell a big enough lie often enough people will believe you.

It's time that liberals be branded not as Americans with a different set of solutions but Americans who want a different America where the government is not of for and by the people but rather where the people are subservient to the government.

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