Saturday, November 23, 2013

A new Munich

By giving Iran relief Obama has ensured that internal pressures against the theocracy will be relieved, that Iran will have money to continue to support Assad in Syria, and that Iran will be able to pick up where they stopped when they decide they want nuclear weapons.

Of course even that presupposes that Iran lives up to its commitments and that the US can determine if they do.  Experience has shown that it's easy to hide stuff in a country the size of Iran so to assume that we'll know if the Iranians aren't cheating is a bit of hubris on the Presidents part.

In this case as in everything the President does he sides with Muslims who condemn the West and equate the US with satan while doing nothing to support truly democratic voices in the Muslim world--when Iran was appearing to have an Arab Spring several years ago Obama did nothing to support it for example.

Like most liberals however Obama has no problem with Muslim fanatics because he believes that once they realize how wonderful liberals are the Muslims will have no beef with America. In fact Obama and Muslim fanatics share the same enemy; Christians.

As Obama works to destroy religious liberty in America he can't but help identify with Muslims who are ceaselessly working to oppress religious liberty around the world.

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