Friday, December 21, 2012

Why God makes Western civilization possible.

If there is no God or if god is a mean old nasty guy who likes the wealthy--think the Greek or Roman gods--then there is no basis for the most fundamental belief of modern Western civilization--that all men are equal.

If we're all not equal because we're all children of an all powerful God who loves us then there is really no rational reason to believe that an inner city crack addicted child should be equal in the eys of the law to John Kerry.

But if we aren't equal then the superior people exploiting the inferior ones is an ok thing.

In societies that either eschew God altogether, such as the Communist regimes of the last century or China today, or which embrace gods who sanction violence against non-believers--such as Muslim countries--there is no basis for the equality of all.

Any honest analysis of Western history shows that one  can only conclude that Christianity is what motivates and justifies the movement towards democracy and the rights of all people.

Your freedoms are a direct result of that little child who was born in a manger nearly 2000 years ago; yet another reason to celebrate Christmas by thanking God.

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