Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas for Democracy

Christmas is a celebration of the fact that God so loved the world that He became man and was willing to be tortured to death so that we might all have the chance of spending eternity with Him.

This message of God's love has a very real secular aspect for without God's love there is no basis for declaring that "all" men are created equal.  Our equality is clearly not based on our capabilities or our inheritances; both of which vary dramatically. Rather our equality is based on the fact that we are all brothers and sisters of one Father who resides in Heaven.

Without the Christian God there is no real basis for democracy or equality; the Founders clearly recognized that when they declared that we are created equal by God and that He gives us certain inalienable rights.

 In a world where we are all just animals and there is nothing more than matter men are clearly not equal nor do they have any obligation to treat others well. In a country that believes that rights flow from government not God the concept of inalienable rights is clearly insane.

In Christ's world, the real world, not only are we all equal because we are siblings but we have an obligation to treat our family as we would have them treat us.  Our inalienable rights come from He who made us not the people who happen to have political power today.

So when you celebrate Christmas put the vast majority of your emphasis on gratitude to a God who so loves us in spite of our sins and failings that He willingly suffered all the day to day miseries of life for us, and of course died a horrible death to save us, but don't forget that without Christmas there can be no true freedom and no America as we have known it.

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