Sunday, November 11, 2012

The new oppression.

Emboldened by the election results liberals will soon begin a new war on God.

The rights of man, recognized by the Constitution, come from God and as such are an intolerable affront to the liberal belief that liberals have the ability and the right to replace God as the source of all moral truth.

The nanny state cannot achieve it's objective if men have rights which flow from something other than the government.  So long as people believe in something greater than government the liberals who yearn to tell everyone how to live will be limited in their ability to enforce their faith on the rest of America.

We've seen the opening move in this new wave of bigoted oppression. Liberals have changed freedom of religion to freedom of worship.  Just like Saudi Arabia tolerates Christians so long as they show no signs of Christianity in public life American liberals will tolerate Christians so long as they leave their faith at the door when they leave church on Sunday.

In the end God will win; He always does.  But we must be ready to fight the good fight to keep the religious liberty so many men have died to protect.

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