Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Anti-Michelle Moment

Michelle Obama famously said that the first time she was proud of her country--presumably the US--was when Barrack was nominated for President.

Last night was the first time I have not been proud of my country. 

Obama is a liar who threw mud at a much better man for months.  When's the last time you saw Obama personally doing anything to help those in need? Yet Democrats ridiculed Romney for trying to help the victims of Sandy.

Obama's web site is designed to facilitate fraud.

Everything Obama has done has been a failure.

Unemployment is obscenely high, much higher than under Bush.

Obamacare is a huge tax increase and it is already causing people to lose their health insurance.

Obama's policies led directly to the murder of Americans in Benghazi.

Obama is the most hyperpartisan President America has ever had.

Obama is for the largest tax increase in the history of America which will occur in January unless new laws are passed.

Obama is going to allow sequestration to occur which will devastate the military.

Obama wants to steal from those who earn and give to those who vote for him.

Obama has run an imperial presidency creating laws via administrative fiat when Congress would not pass those same laws.

Obama is forcing Catholics to pay for insurance policies that pay for abortions and he's forcing Catholics to show employee's how they can get those abortion benefits.

In summary there is not a single positive thing that one can say about Obama. 

The people who voted for Obama did so because he is going to steal from American workers and give to them.

It's sad to see that the thieves are now numerous enough to decide elections.

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