Sunday, July 22, 2012

Obama didn't get Osama according to Barrack

In declaring that businesses are not actually built up by the hard work of their founders and early employees President Obama has created a bit of a problem for himself.

He said “If you've got a business - you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen“

Well it was Navy SEALS who put the bullets into Osama--and who risked getting killed themselves. They were the somebody else's the President seems to be referring to in the context of the removal of Osama.

According to Barrack Obama Obama can’t take credit for killing Osama, just as business owners can’t take credit for their businesses, because of those somebody else’s who actually did all the work.

Of course in the case of business owners it was they who worked the long hours and made the sacrifices while in Obama’s case he simply had to do the opposite of what Joe Biden suggested which is a no brainer in anybody’s book.

Isn’t it odd that our President is so quick to deny credit to hard working Americans who drive the economy and provide good jobs to their fellow citizens but so quick to give it to himself?

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A. Dumas said...

On the other hand, Obama would simply deflect the truth, because we all know those Seals didn't train themselves. To the feeble minded of this country, Obama's "the government is the fountain from which all good things flow" philosophy can be used to redirect any opposition.

The absolute chutzpah of our Impostor-in-Chief is truly amazing. Please, America, don't let this continue.