Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Imperial Obama

In flip flopping on gay marriage Obama said ( Fox News)

“...when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf...”

I think most Americans, and most members of the Armed Forces, think the American military is out there fighting for the American people not just for Obama. 

He probably was trying to say something like “...who are out there fighting under my command...” but the words that left his mouth remind us that to Obama it’s not about America; it’s about Obama. 

Obama’s disdain for the limits imposed by the Constitution have been on display constantly.  He has acted more Nixonian than Nixon in using executive power to circumvent Congress.  He’s told the Supreme Court they can’t declare any law unConstitutional that he happens to favor.  He clearly has no interest in the concept of inalienable rights since he wishes to change the freedom of religion to the freedom of worship.  He’s complained about having to deal with Congress rather than just rule like a despot.

America is built on the basic principle that power is from the people and that each individual has inalienable rights.  Obama on the other hand believes that power flows from the government and that individuals must bow to the edicts emanating from the seats of political power. 

Obama believes that because Obama views the majority of Americans the way slave owners viewed Blacks; as people too simple to be capable of running their own lives. Both perspectives are incredibly wrong but sadly Obama’s take is still fashionable amongst the liberal elites.

In Obama’s America it’s the people who serve the government not the government that serves the people.

Irrespective of the total failure of Obama’s specific policies is it a good idea to have someone who is so sure that the Constitutional principles that America is built on are wrong, out-dated, and no longer useful as President?

If this is how Obama talks today when he’s facing a reelection battle how will he rule us mere mortals if he wins another term? If he gets a liberal majority in the Supreme Court will any of our rights be safe?

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