Thursday, October 7, 2010

An everyday kind of miracle

I was out by the San Francisco bay taking photos the other day. There wasn't much to take photos of, I've been to the same place many times, though there had been a nice low flying turkey vulture.

I spotted a blue heron by one of the ponds. This in itself was unusual, I've never seen a blue heron at that pond before, so I maneuvered to get a better shot. As I walked around to get a better shot I mentioned to the Lord--I try and pray a bit when I'm wandering around taking photos--that it would be great if the heron would catch a big fish because I'd never managed to get a photo of a bird with a big fish.

Lo and behold just when I got fairly close to the bird it darted its head underwater and came up with a big fish. To me this is one of the examples of how Christ is really here for us every second of every day. Here's the picture.

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