Sunday, October 3, 2010

The liberals are in a tizzy because a high priced lawyer who has previously used false information to trash a republican before an election says that Meg Whitman, running for the governor of California, knowingly employed an illegal alien.

Any idiot can tell that the charge is bogus. Why? Well Whitman paid this person $48k/year. Who knowingly hires an illegal and then pays them as much as you'd pay a legal worker.

Interestingly enough Whitman did fire the person when Whitman discovered that the person had used a false social security number.

The Dems are saying that they have a smoking gun. A doc from the government saying there is some question about the workers social security number. On that document Whitmans husband apparently wrote a note asking the worker to clear up the confusion. In reality what that shows is that Mr. Whitman was confused and naturally assumed that the person who they'd been employing was not a liar. So in the Dems world assuming people you know and who've been working for you aren't liars is evil. Of course Dems object to checking the papers of people stopped by the police to see if they're citizens.

Once again we see that the only sin liberals recognize is hypocrisy. If Jerry Brown was found to be employing an illegal alien there would have been no uproar since he's a fan of illegals. Similarly none of the Dems who are attacking Whitman was upset when Collin Powell said he employes illegals.

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