Saturday, September 6, 2008

When a woman isn't.

According to the MSM and the Democrats Sarah Palin isn't a woman. They don't actually say that but look at their actions. Instead of applauding a major crack in the glass ceiling--one that Obama didn't even think about, he didn't even vet Hillary for VP--they're accusing Palin of everything from child abuse--it was her poor prenatal habits caused her baby to have Downs syndrome, until someone pointed out that Downs is hereditary and nothing she did or didn't do could have affected it-- to her husband having a DUI. Her husband was 22 when he got the DUI. Sort of irrelevant but it is a sign of media hypocrisy. According to Obamas own memoirs he was drinking and doing drugs, while skipping classes, when he was 17. So if a DUI 22 years ago by the husband of the VP is big news why isn't Obamas self admitted drug and alcohol abuse?

Imagine if Obama had picked some Democrat woman, say a Democrat Senator from California. Would they bring up that her husband was a lobbyist? Don't hold your breath.

Even better we're being told that it's irresponsible for Sarah to run for VP because it's not fair to her young kids. Well Barack has already said that with he and his wife so busy with the campaign his mother in law is doing yeoman work taking care of Obamas young children. Have you seen one article, just one, about how that might be irresponsible?

For years we've been told that true feminists can hold a job and raise a family. So how come when Sarah does it she's pilloried?

The answer is that the liberal Democrats view both women and blacks as inferiors incapable of taking care of themselves. If you're Black but don't toe the liberal line you're not really Black. Look at how the media covered Alan Keyes run for the Presidency in 2000. They didn't. Jesse Jackson used to be pro-life. Not surprising since his mother almost aborted him. He pointed out that abortion was a form of genocide against Blacks, a Black woman is 3 times as likely to abort her child as a white woman. But when he wanted to run for president he had to switch to pro-abort or the White men running the Democrat party wouldn't let him in their little club.

The same is true of women. If you toe the liberal mans line then you get treated with respect. Step off the reservation and they will say and do anything to you. It's not an accident that Democrats consistently push for legalized pornography, that's how they view woman. According to the Democrats a woman is a woman only if she's like a man. If she stays at home and raises kids she's a loser. But then even if a woman succeeds, like Palin has, she's not really a woman unless she toes the liberal line.

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