Sunday, August 17, 2008

Media Bias; Hitler would have done better now.

Can you imagine the NY Times publishing an editorial by a former German dictator right after Hitler invaded Poland? Well if the current group running the NY Times were in place at the time they probably would have. After all they ran an article by former Soviet dictator Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev about the current invasion of Georgia by the Russians. Now admittedly Gorbachev isn't a mass murder on the scale of Hitler. But Russians preplanned invasion of Georgia is on the same order as Hitlers invasion of Poland. In both cases there were "provocations." In the Polish case German soldiers dressed as Poles faked an incident while in the Georgian case the Russians had their South Ossetian puppets attack Georgia which prompted a Georgian response, a response the Russians were waiting for. Anyone who has any familiarity with the Russian military knows that the speed of the Soviet...oops Russian response could only be explained if they were sitting there waiting for the Georgians to do something. Moreover this level of readiness couldn't be sustained by the Russians for an extended period. That meant that the Russians probably knew when the "provocation" would occur.

The indiscriminate destruction created by the Russian behemoth as it overran the Georgian democracy showed that more than protecting "Russian" citizens in the breakaway province was on the Russians minds.

If the US fought a war with as little concern for civilians as the Russians just did the NY Times, and the rest of the major media, would be screaming for blood. But since it's the Russians the media will accuse the man they really hate, Bush. Of course when Stalin was starving 17 million Ukranians to death the NY Times was reporting that everything over there was going just fine.

The media tend to identify with left wing dictatorships because they believe the they, the media, are superior to the rest of us. They're smarter, more cultured, more sophisticated than the rest of us. They believe that the superior people, another resonance with Hitler, should be in charge. So they tend to like governments were the smart people, those without religion or morals, run things. Sure the media don't like the excesses committed by these regimes but they're a small price to pay to keep those fundamentalists out of power.

I wonder how the media would have reacted if Georgia had been a Muslim or atheist state rather than a Christian one. The media hates Christianity because it says that a persons quality depends on their love for their neighbors not their IQ or their sophistication. A religion that says the widows mite is more than the rich mans gold is anathema to the liberal elites.

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