Saturday, August 26, 2017

How to tell Democrats are racists #3: Black women abort at 3 times the rate of white women.

One could be for the right of a woman to kill her daughter but also say that the fact that Black women abort at 3 times the rate of white women is a problem that should be addressed.

But we don't hear that from liberals. Rather we hear liberals praising Planned Parenthood and PPs founder Margret Sanger.

Liberals don't mind that Sanger was a big fan of Hitlers eugenics beliers; the only good people have blue eyes and blond hair.

Liberals aren't concerned that around 80% of PP clinics are in minority neighborhoods.

Liberals have often said that the government should pay for abortion since it's cheaper than welfare.  Of course the reality is that when rich white folk talk about people on welfare they're not thinking about white folk.

Liberals don't mind that abortion is the leading cause of death among Blacks in America.

Neither do liberals care that Jesse Jackson said that abortion was genocide against Black people.

While liberals say that Black lives matter it's clear that they really are not bothered by the mass murder of unborn Blacks.

Another reason to believe that Democrat politicians are racists.

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Anonymous said...

What about the statistic where 80% of Black children are born out of deadlock? Compare that to roughly 30% for Whites. The lack of a stable father figure is a strong indicator for all kinds of undesirable behaviors later in life: crime, poverty and welfare dependency, and poor education.