Thursday, March 30, 2017

The New Civil War

Liberals are in open revolt and are not following the law.  They're using judges to subvert the rule of law and democracy.

They are just like their ancestors who tried to tear the country apart to keep slavery legal but they lack their ancestors courage and so fight with lawyers and lies rather than courage.

Their modus operandi for stoping Trump from doing what he was elected to do is clear; find an Obama judge who has no problem acting as a dictator and have the 9th circuit court back him up.  Even if they lose in the Supreme Court they'll have blocked legal action by Trump for at least a year.

It's time to start impeaching judges and acknowledging that every random federal judge doesn't have the right to tell Congress and the President that their actions are unconstitutional.

The Constitution has no real remedy for judges who are unethical since impeachment is hard.  But then that's not surprising in that the Constitution does not say that the Supreme Court, much less any random federal judge, can overrule the other two branches.

Perhaps lower court rulings claiming that the actions of the executive branch and Congress are unconstitutional should not be enforceable until the Supreme Court rules.

It's time to reign in the judiciary given their fascist tendencies.

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