Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spicer didn't lie and no one lost their health insurance

When Obama blatantly lied about our being able to keep our health plans under Obamacare the same media types who are demanding Trump’s press secretary, Spicer, resign kept silent.

And then of course there’s Benghazi. The Obama’s administration repeatedly and deliberately lied about the nature of the attacks, blaming an innocent filmmaker, in order to help ensure that Obama would be reelected.  We know that the people in authority knew that there was no riot about the movie when they were telling the American people otherwise.  That’s a lie.

When liberals lie people do die yet the media apparently doesn’t care.  However if Spicer is factually incorrect on how many people attended/watched Trump’s Inauguration the media apparently believes that civilization is at risk.

Spicers “lies” are most likely technical errors based on bad information.  For example a “lie” was that the white tarps weren’t used before when they were used in 2013.  That someone gave Spicer incorrect information about this or that Spicer worked from memory and was mistaken is far more likely than that he intentionally lied.

Yet the same media who ignored the lies coming from Obama, not his press secretary, immediately declares that Spicer was intentionally lying.

We know for a fact that Obama knew we wouldn’t be able to keep our health plan, unless of course he didn’t know what was in his own bill, but it’s unclear how the media knows that Spicer wasn’t simply repeating what he’d been told.

Note the difference on how the media is treating Spicer and how they treated Candy Crowley. Crowley incorrectly “corrected” Romney in the presidential debate by saying that Obama had declared the attack at Benghazi a terrorist attack shortly after it occurred.  She was factually incorrect in a major way as she later admitted yet no one in the media called her a liar.  Her “lie” helped Obama get reelected while Spicer’s “lies” will have no impact on anything. Yet the voices calling for Spicer’s scalp didn’t call for banning Crowley from the media.

Remember it is a fact that the media had used a photo taken significantly before the Inauguration to try and show that attendance at the Trump Inauguration was small.

Spicer was reacting to a fake news attack by the media on Trump and hence it’s not improbable that after more than a year of vicious fact free attacks on Trump and his team Spicer might have unintentionally believed things that weren’t true.

The human error explanation is made more likely by the story the media isn’t covering.  A reporter incorrectly claimed that Trump had removed the bust of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office.  Given that Spicer had a big example of the media “lying” about Trump it’s not surprising that he might have not done enough due diligence on fact checking some of the other information he presented that was not perfectly correct.

Also isn’t strange that the same media that is assuming Spicer lied is buying the reporters story that he didn’t see the bust of MLK because it was blocked from his view.  Note that the reporter didn’t try and fact check that the bust was removed he simply failed to see it and then notified the world. For what it’s worth I’m perfectly willing to believe that that reporter didn’t intentionally lie. But it’s obscene that the same media hacks who are attacking Spicer for what’s most likely a similar lack of fact checking aren’t demanding that the reporter who “lied” about the MLK bust be banned from media. 

While some conservatives are upset about Spicer’s actions I suspect that many are not.

First the blatant hypocrisy of a media that applauded the release of completely unverifiable documents about Trump just a few weeks ago getting worked up about whether Spicer was right about the global audience—which couldn’t be confirmed—is disgusting.

Second after decades of the media lying about conservatives and branding us racists, fascists, and loons it’s nice to see them called out for deliberately trying to distort the facts about how many people attended Trump’s Inauguration by using a photo taken before the crowd grew. Even if there were fewer people at Trump’s Inauguration than Obama’s it’s still fake news to try and make the numbers look smaller than they were.

Think about it.  A fair media would have emphasized why Trump’s crowd might have been smaller.

They would have mentioned that the widely publicized threats of riots would have kept a lot of Trump supporters, who tend to have children, away.  Because conservatives aren’t fascists like liberals there were no threats of rioting at Obama’s “coronations”.

We know that the rioters and protestors did impact attendance from anecdotal evidence. A person who attended the Inauguration said that his friend couldn’t get in because protestors had forced the gate that the first person used to get in to be closed. Yet the media is acting as though comparing attendance is an apples to apples comparison but due to the liberals being fascists it’s not.

Similarly the media would have made a big point about how DC and its environs is a huge liberal bubble populated by grossly overpaid government workers, lobbyists, and people on welfare—precisely the people that knew that Obama would enrich them at the expense of hard working Americas—so that while Trump supporters had to travel long distances from fly over country to be at the Inauguration—and miss work—Obama supporters could just stroll on over without having to lose a penny of their income. 

If Spicer deliberately and knowingly presented false information then he deserves to be castigated but the idea that the same media which lied about Obama saying that the attack in Benghazi wasn’t based on terrorism calling Spicer a liar, rather than saying he needs to improve his fact checking, and demanding that he resign is repugnant.

Before we put our people like Spicer under the microscope let’s demand that the media treat every comment by a liberal with the same hostility.

It’s time to make it clear that most of America views the major media as lying weasels and that we’re tired of their whining.  To condemn Spicer while applauding the folks who published the completely fake “Russian” dossier on Trump shows that any concern about Spicer “lying” is based solely on political partisanship not a dedication to truth.

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