Saturday, December 17, 2016

Best news ever American fascists are without hope!

Michelle Obama has declared that since Hillary didn't win America is without hope.

Given that polls shows the opposite we can be fairly certain that what Ms. Obama meant was that fascists such as herself who never felt good about America until Barrack was nominated for President are unhappy.

Why are the fascists unhappy? There are a number of reasons but here are a few:

1) Their attempt to rig the election by having the dead, in Chicago and Detroit, and illegals, in California, vote didn't work.

2) The next Supreme Court Justice will be someone who believes in the rule of law not the imperial judiciary.

3) The new Attorney General will not be a Chicago school politician who believes that power is to be used to help your friends and persecute your enemies.

4) The IRS will no longer be silencing voices the fascists don't like to hear.

5) The bi-coastal elites, the core of the modern fascist movement, won't be running the country.

6) Planned Parenthood won't be getting nearly a half a billion dollars to pursue their goal of eliminating minorities in what Jesse Jackson called genocide.

The list goes on but the most important reason is that because the modern fascists can't really justify any of their positions based on how the actually benefit anyone other than themselves it's critical that they be able to think that they are right because they are on the side of history.  Otherwise they'll be having a hard time sleeping in their 1000 ply sheets at night.

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