Thursday, June 30, 2016

BREXIT: The beginning of the end for the new nobility

BREXIT is the British people’s way of saying that they don’t believe that unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Belgium are their betters.  Just as the Brits declared that the old nobility did not have a right to rule them the Brits have now declared that the EU bureaucrats and academics also have no claim to authority over the people of England.

A core aspect of the EU idea is that intelligent academics and government bureaucrats have an obligation to decide how the hoi polloi live their lives. To, among other things, tell Brits just what sort of oven mitts they can use.

In the bad old days in Europe it was a shared truth that an Earl’s son even though he tended to drool, had an IQ of -10, and was a coward was a better leader—because of his birth—than a brave son of a coal miner with an IQ of 150.  The idea that one’s parents defined one’s quality was the basis of the old concept of nobility.

The American Revolution and the subsequent success of America led to a wave of democratization that swept much of the world.  That ended the common man’s belief in the inherent superiority of the nobility and ensured that Queen Elizabeth’s children are more often fodder for the tabloids than the source of new laws.

However there are always those in society that believe themselves to be better than the rest of us.  Just like the nobles of old they believe that they not only are capable of telling the rest of us how to live but that they have a positive responsibility to make sure society is run the “proper” way; i.e. the way they happen to like.

The new nobility defines themselves not by their birth but by their academic credentials. Certain that theory is more likely to be true than experience they claim for themselves the right to rule over everyone.

Those totalitarians find their voice in the progressive movement of which Woodrow Wilson was a key element.

Wilson felt that the unwashed masses were incapable of self-rule and needed to be herded along to the truth by their betters. Those betters just happened to be academics like Wilson himself.

Wilson rejected the core beliefs the Constitution was based on and believed that the average person should ruled, not represented, by the intellectuals in society.  He advocated a powerful administrative state that had the authority to control people’s lives but which had no accountability to the people it ruled.

Fellow Democrats like FDR and Obama have so successfully implemented Wilson’s vision of fascism that it is not considered odd by many Americans that unelected administrators, those wise men who are supposedly our betters, can tell us that we must let a 45 year old biologically male registered sex offender who claims to be a women share the bathroom with our 10 year old daughter.

Obama is, in his own eyes, the penultimate incarnation of the ideal Wilsonian administrator.  Academically wise, in the eyes of those who think lawyers are of superior intelligence, and self assured about his vision of how the rest of us are to live.  Obama has no doubt that he, like King George III, has not only the ability to rule, not represent, the average Americans who are, in Obama’s eyes, fools who cling to their guns and religion but the obligation to ensure that the people’s lives are properly run.

In that Obama is similar to some of the old Southern slave owners who rationalized their exploitation of human beings by saying that those people they enslaved were incapable of running their own lives. Paternalism is a unifying theme of the ideologies of slavery, Communism, and Progressivism.

Following in Wilson’s intellectual tradition Obama believes that the new nobility of intellectuals who attended the right schools must execute their noblesse oblige by using the full power of government to impose their vision of how every person should live, down to the most trivial of details, on their inferiors.

The modern Supreme Court is another arm of the new nobility. When judges decide what should be law, rather than what the intent of those who passed the law was, they are acting as Wilson’s wise men.  They essentially claim that their law degrees make them superior to the politicians the people have elected which justifies their overruling of the will of the people; by legalizing so called gay marriage thereby nullifying the votes of 55,000,000 Americans for example.

Like the Brits the American people have decided that the camel’s back has been broken. The average American would like to be able to simply ignore the government so they can run their own lives. But the overreach of the new nobility has grown so onerous—including telling people that they have to buy expensive low quality health insurance— most American’s are up in arms.

Donald Trump is where he is because the average American is fed up with the idea of being ruled over.  Even those who reject his boorish and childish behavior agree with his talking points that the government needs to be resubjugated to the people.

BREXIT won because the people of England had decided that the new nobility were as useless and self-centered as the old nobility; while lacking the old nobilities charming willingness to die for their country.

Trump won the nomination because Boehner, McConnell, and Ryan bowed down to the administrative state, to Obama’s lawlessness and allowed Obama to rule rather than represent.

The ideal that every man is of value and that he is governed by his consent not by the innate superiority of others is a lasting legacy of the American Revolution.

Having tasted freedom few are willing to return to serfdom.  The progressives attempt to slowly heat up the pot to keep the people from jumping out was working but first the Brits and now we Americans have realized that we’re in hot water and at risk of becoming what our forefathers fought to free us from; slaves ruled by a nobility that is motivated by self interest not altruism.

The people, here and in England, want to take a wrecking ball to the administrative edifice that Obama and his ilk have constructed to deprive us of our God given freedom.

BREXIT is the first sign of the people declaring that they are in charge. We can only hope and pray that America will follow suit.

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