Thursday, December 3, 2015

READ THIS: Critical warning from California Democrats!!!!!!!!!

Democrats in California have posted an urgent warning:
It appears that a new synthetic life form has broken into the wild.
They appear to be guns but they not only act on their own they can control people they come in contact with.
If we are to stop the plague of "gun violence" we have to be alert for these sentient weapons. If you spot them, or anyone who votes Republican, you must immediately retreat to a "safe space" and when you're done crying call the suicide hot line for support.
If you feel strong enough you can call 911, so long as the sentient weapons haven't taken over minorities or Muslims, and report the horror you've seen.
Be at peace because we Democrats are working tirelessly to ensure that you will never ever have a chance to have a gun to defend yourself from the sentient weapons.
While when you're being gunned down you might incorrectly think that the amazingly short 4 minutes it takes the truly brave police officers to respond isn't really all that short be assured that your death is a small price to pay for Democrats to know that anyone who attacks our armed security guards won't have guns.
Remember Democrats want sensible gun control laws where if you like your gun you can keep it.


Kyrathyel said...

A wild fork jumped into my hand and forced pumpkin pie with whipped cream into my mouth repeatedly. I was forced to swallow to keep from choking to death. This maniac fork follows me around forcing delightful tasting food into me and I keep gaining weight. Eventually, this fork may cause my death! Will no one stop it. It has accomplices, a spoon and a knife. These stainless steel terrorists attack me several times a day. I don't know how much longer I can fight them off. I am doomed.

fedupwithBS said...

Right? We better outlaw these horrible items.